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#4 Road-trip to launch My NFT Coffee Project

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Today is Thursday January 13th 2022 and it is the episode 4 of the Crypto Homesteader Podcast. 

On todays episode we start laying out a new project I am putting together tying together local coffee and NFTs 

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  • What is MyNFTCoffee project
    • 5 lines of local coffee blends with my NFTs
    • Mint 5609 new NFTs of my NFTs
      • 1000 each of the 5 NFTs with different backgrounds from artist in those communities 
      • 300 Rares
      • 9  1 of 1s
    • All tokens get x% off and more for their blend
    • Rares get ?
    • 1 of 1s get ?
    • Tickets for NFT Music festival in Woodward PA
    • % of eth into community for freebees 
    • % into team and artists
    • % into free coffee for rares
    • % into …
    • One token will receive a VeeCon NFT given away month before conference 
    • HODLers will have lounge in Sandbox and NFTWorlds
  • Roadtrip
    • Want to meet and interview anyone in the NFT world
    • Going South then right to Southern California 
    • Follow me on Instagram and twitter
  • My NFTs for each blend

Andre 6000

GM Love 8442

Hippie Ape 1487

Honeybush 4141

Gary V VFriends

World 8615

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Song of the Day

Willie Nelson On The Road Again

If you are in the area and have something you want to share with the community email me at

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