NFT Contest

Hey frens I am giving a few of my NFTs to help expose new people to these 2 projects and to celebrate the #bestdayofmylife.

The fist NFT is from Ron English and his Light Cult Crypto Club

The second NFT is a Feesh and interactive NFT that lives in your free Feesh tank and can visit other peoples tanks.

To enter subscribe, share and comment below “I subs and shared this!” with someone interested in NFTs, off grid homesteading in a tiny home or whatever crazy shit i’m going to do.

My website

The LCCC Bulb up for grabs
Ron English’s Light Cult Crypto Club
LCCC Discord
The Feesh up for grabs
Feesh’s website
Feesh Discord
My Feeshtank
This video on youtube

This video on Odysee