Episode-46- Challenges of Starting a Homestead

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Episode-46- Challenges of Starting a Homestead

Today is Friday, June 14th 2019 and today we are talking about all the challenges of starting a homestead from scratch.  I literally went from a fancy 2 family house on a cliff with a killer view of lower Manhattan in my backyard to living in an off-grid 25ft 1975 Airstream with a view of hills and mountains in the middle of PA.  This is my 5th year out here and things are coming along slowly.  My plan was to take my time, enjoy, learn and really build once and be happy.  I watched a youtube video last night of a 3 year timeless of someone taking raw land and turning it into an off-grid homestead and wow that is not me!  I am doing this on a shoe string budget and really trying to plan things out and honestly it’s been a lot of fun and i’m supper happy I am doing it this way.  With that said it does have it’s challenges. 

It’s hard living in something designed for a vacation here or there, in the summer, or not having running water!

Other challenges we’ll talk about are

Location, location, location living on the side of a hill SUCKS

No running water

No heat

No electricity 

No infrastructure 

etc. etc. 

Permits and working with local government 



A video of my road build

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