Episode-39- Composting

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Today is Friday, May 17th 2019 and today we are talking about composting. In permaculture we say “the problem is the solution” and having the Inglebean Coffee Shop I am generating a lot of food scraps and am currently in the process of building a chicken coop so I can close the loop between “the problem” of to much waste, to “the solution” of having to many eggs!  In this episode we will be looking at the many other ways of taking a “problem” of having food scraps to a “solution” of composting that best fits you

Today we discuss 

Why compost

What to compost

Compost mixtures

Types of methods

Hole in the ground

Above ground

DIY Pallets

DIY 55 gallon tumbler

DIY Garbage pales


Chicken Composting

Black Soldier Fly Larvae 


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Song of the day

Professor Anna Lidde and her Worm Choir explain how to make compost through song. Year 3 2015 St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Greenwich

My Coffee Shop

The IngleBean Coffee Shop

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