Episode-35- Trees 5-7-19

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Today is Tuesday, May 7th 2019 and today we are talking all about trees.  As we wrap up on tree fest 2019 let’s sit down and let’s talk about why I am so thrilled to have had 117 trees planted on my land. 

We talk about

Tree Fest 2019

Penns Valley Conservation Association and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation 

Clean water grows on Trees

Why trees?


Big sponges

Clean and provides water

Birds, fish and wildlife

Food, fuel and fuel Medicine 10 lbs a year at $10 a pound.  50 trees 500lbs is 5k a year

Tree Guilds, companion planting, layers of the forest

Maintenance of trees and forest

Protection of the trees

How wolves change the river

 Tree list

Sycamore 15

Redbud 10 beauty edible flowers

River Birch 5 


Sugar Maple wood

Swamp White Oak 15

Tulip Poplar 15 Fast grower Wood 

Persimmons Food and medicinal

Elderberry 50

PawPaw food

Before we get into i’d like to ask everyone that is listening to this to please take a minute out of your day and tell a friend or share this with friends on social media.  When you’re done listening get outside 🙂

Song of the day

Frank Sinatra — High Hopes

My side hustles

Coffee shop

The IngleBean Coffee Shop

My new amphitheater 

Woodward Quarry

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