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Episode-29- Cup of Joe with Joe 4-10-19

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Today is Wednesday April 10th 2019 and it’s “A Cup of joe with Joe” live from The IngleBean Coffee House in Millheim, PA. A weekly what’s up in Penns Valley, the valley so nice they named it twice.

This week we have something from 

Today’s sponsor  Quarry Fest 4/20

Inglebean Coffee House

If you are in the area and have something you want to share with the community please get in touch with me at



Steve Seman

Liz  Campbell

Andy Porter late bday

April 14th 

Steve Hass

April 15

Gary Wynans

Calvert Penns Valley

A Journey To The Potter’s House

Today April 11, 7:00 p.m.

At the Penns Valley High School Auditorium 

The Penns Valley community will be coming together to enjoy a live illustration by Mike Ferris of how a potter and his clay relate to God’s relationship with His people.

Millheim Small Engine Repair

Elk Creek

Thurs Pub Hang, debut of guitar aces Farley + Lynn.  Sat:  From Western Mass – Bella’s Bartok, a 6-piece powerhouse melding Bohemian Klezmer Punk into an eminently danceable party.

The Green Drake Gallery 

Landscape and Nature Photography by David Whiteman on April 5th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. They are located just down the street at 101 west main st.

Penns Valley Jewelers  

has a month birthstone sale.  This month its Diamonds so receive 25% off!

Penns Valley School 

PTA GENERAL MEETING tonight at 5:30 

AAronsgurg civic center 

Ground Work Farms

accepting CSA signups for the growing season.


Friday Night for Open Mic we have a new roaster from my old life, Proast Roaster from Jersey City/ Brooklyn. They will be hosting a cupping of out newest IngleBlend

This weeks Dinner special is Beef stroganoff 

If you are in the area and have something you want to share with the community email me at

Also if you could please tell your friends about all the craziness I have going on here with a podcast, Youtube channel, Inglebean

Song go the day 

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