Episode-19- Homestead Health and Wellness 3-8-19

Today is Friday, March 15th 2019 and beware the ides of march. This was known as the deadline for settling debts in Rome. On this day in 44BC Julius Caesar was stabbed to death over who is going to rule over others.

On this episode we will be talking about homesteading for health and wellness something Julius Caesar did not have enough of nor does anyone in those positions. Weather a president a emperor or a corporate manager you need a balance in your life when it come to things like
Pollutants Light, noise and other pollutants
Body health
Mind health Feed your mind, continuing to learn/grow
Connection to the planet
Overall happiness

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Song of the day
Julius Caesar (“Besame Mucho” by the Beatles)

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Coffee shop
The IngleBean Coffee Shop
My new amphitheater 
Woodward Quarry

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