Episode-10- City VS Country 2-22-19

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Hello hello everyone this is Dennis Alan and your listening to the Dennis Alan City Boy Homesteader Podcast. A city boy who gave it all up to find happiness, financial freedom and a better way to live life.  Together we can learn and accomplish anything.

Today is Friday, February 22nd 2019 and on this episode we will be talking about the differences between the city life and the country life.

After 40 years living in very urban cities in northern NJ and Manhattan I share what I have learned from the way people live in large cities and compare it to what I see so far by living now in a town of around 100 people.

  • Growing up in a Elizabeth NJ
  • Spending some time outside of the city life
  • Moving to a NYC life in the 6th boro Jersey City, NJ
  • Building community in Jersey City, NJ
  • Moving out of the city and into the internet
  • Wanting a better life
  • Moving out to the country and comparing what it’s like so far after almost 4 years

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