Episode-27- Permaculture 101 4-5-19

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Today is Friday, April 5th 2019 and today we’re going to talk about permaculture

 what it is, how it applies to homesteading and using it to better design your life.

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Before we get into i’d like to ask everyone that is listening to this to please take a minute out of your day and tell a friend or share this with friends on social media.  Then get outside 🙂

What is permaculture and where did it come from

Permanent Culture

Bill Mollison Study indigenous people and practices 

How did I get into permaculture

The 3 ethics of permaculture

Care of the Earth

Care of people

Return of surplus

The 5 city zones of permaculture no zero for me

1 window planters/ porch garden

2 Backyard garden chicken coop

3 Perennial section 

4 Front yard

5 City land behind house

why no zero

The 5 country zones of permaculture 

1 Garden next to house

2 Animals

3 Larger crops, larger animals, bees

4 Food forrest

5 Wild forest

Designing like nature with layers


Sub Canopy




Ground Cover



city and country

Song of the day

Permaculture Song 

by David Griswold

My side hustles

Coffee shop

The IngleBean Coffee Shop

My new amphitheater 

Woodward Quarry