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#5 I Failed NFT 101

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Today is Thursday January 20th 2022 and it is the episode 5 of the Crypto Homesteader Podcast. 

On todays episode I talk about all the expensive mistakes I made this year in NFT school and how I believe in the long run I win.

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  • My college
  • Welcome to WEB3
  • Jumping blindly into something
    • FOMO is real
    • Secret Frog
    • Lil Baby Doodles X
  • Scams
    • Airdrops/mints
    • Discord 
    • Links
    • Keys
  • Lessons learned 
    • Research research research
      • Community
      • Founders
      • Past projects
      • Roadmap pros and cons
    • Take your time
    • Hard wallets

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