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Today is Wed Dec 22nd 2021 and it is the official launch/episode 1 of the Crypto Homesteader Podcast. It’s also a special day because its also a palindrome! 

On todays episode I want to introduce myself to everyone, give my backstory on how I went from working a NYC corporate JOB where I was the cell phone guy to the stars to completely quitting that life and building an off grid self sustaining homestead in Amish country and becoming the City Boy Homesteader. I also want to explain why crypto is a part of my homestead and how it’s helping change the world in a better way

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  • Younger Years
  • Past Career 
  • Started getting out of debt
  • Quit then sold everything
  • Left my city life
  • Bought and building a home
  • My side hustles
  • How and why I got into crypto and what it is
  • Security and not financial advice
  • Altcoins NFT’s and smart contracts
  • Plans for this show learn together
  • Future things to explore
    • Virtual nations
    • Crypto religions
    • NFT memberships
  • Travel to events and to meet people
  • Sponsers and memberships

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Episode-7- Financial Freedom 2-15-19

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Episode-7- Financial  Freedom 2-15-19

Hello hello everyone this is Dennis Alan and your listening to the Dennis Alan City Boy Homesteader Podcast. A city boy who gave it all up to find happiness, financial freedom and a better way to live life.  Together we can learn and accomplish anything.

Today is Friday, February 15th 2019 and on this episode we will be talking about what is financial freedom and what I’ve learned that helped me find my own. 

In no way am I an expert in this I am just telling you my story in my own opinion.

  • What is financial freedom

Having the means to have what you want

financial enslavement

  • What do you want
  • How the system works to encourage you to imprison yourself 
  • Ways to stay out of it
  • Ways to get out of it

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