Episode-44- Land Development Plan

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Today is Tuesday, June 11th 2019 and today we are talking about writing a land development plan for my property. 

Write letter to planning commission to start the process of building my homestead.

We go over 

My letter to the planning board (first draft)

Zoning Agriculture vs Rural Residential 

Permits and for what

What I can do once this is done and permits are applied for.


Home/ homes 



Adding a conditional uses for a camping ground


Questions I still have 

My first draft 

Land Development Plan for Dennis Alan

Woodward, PA 16882

To whom it may concern

I Dennis Alan is submitting my proposed plan for my property listed above.  My plan is to build an approximate size home of 20×50 on the level land above the quarry and above the approved septic locations.  In the distant future I would like to build an Farmstead accessory dwelling unit for a farm hand once the farm is producing. I am installing a windmill to pump water from the existing well located on the higher end of the land above the proposed home.  I plan to build a 10 x8 water storage shed around the well to store the water storage tank.  I currently have a 28x34ft workshop made from 3 shipping containers with a roof located in the old rock quarry.  I will be moving my storage yurt to the west of my home and building a level floor for it.  

I plan on holding a couple workshops a year to teach my farming methods and allow people to stay on my land and/or in my home. I have 3 campsites that I have been maintaining since moving here and may like to add a few more but under the 25 that would require me to build a water treatment plant.  I have a portable restroom the campers currently use.

I am in the process of getting permits for 4 existing structors to get me up to code. 

I have attached a map of my proposed land plan and where most of the above are located.

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