Episode-42- Homestead Side Hustles

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Today is Friday, May 31st 2019 and today we are talking about side hustles you can do on your homestead. Having a homestead you want and need to have you and your homestead to provide most of your needs.  Lot of people including homesteaders have a main J O B or a mean source of income.  Me I have the a small coffee shop that I am trying to set up to help me provide the cash I need to build a homestead but once I have my land established I need another main source of income like everyone else.  Todays episode is geared not towards making a career <even though it side hustle can become one, but to showcase a few ways to make some extra money on the side to make your live a little better.

Today we discuss 

What is a side hustle

Find your passion/hobby and hustle with

Getting a side hustle

Building side hustle and be your own boss

Ways to hustle/ selling 101

Sell services 

Sell products

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Song of the day

Van McCoy – The Hustle

My Coffee Shop

The IngleBean Coffee Shop

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