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After flying too long on a low battery ET the drone decided to land about a mile away in a far far pasture so I had to run all the way and made it just in time before landing in the wet snow.


Dennis Alan Homestead Tour

Hello and welcome to the Dennis Alan Homestead Tour.  I am currently planning a road trip around the country to visit other homesteaders to learn the lost art of homesteading.  I recently quit my job, sold my home and bought a bare piece of land where I plan on building my very own off grid homestead.  This tour is designed for me to gain the knowledge that this city boy is going to need to be a successful homesteader. Growing up in Elizabeth NJ taught me a lot about surviving in a concrete beehive but I now need to get my degree in homesteading.

I am currently looking for homesteaders that would allow me to come visit/work and teach me a thing or two about what you’re doing not only to survive but to thrive! Please reach out to me below if you are interested.
Thank you 🙂

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US Dept Hunger Games

Ok the United States Department of Labor is “Mapping “The Hunger Games”: Using location quotients to find the Districts of Panem“?  That’s what I came across today while surfing the web.  It seems a little weird that the US Dept of Labor would invest time and money into something like this.  Why would their Career Outlook page feature an article comparing us to a movie about doing what you must to survive?  What is the government preparing us for?  I am not the one who should be giving you these answers but you should be doing your own research and start building your own future the way you want it.

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